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Storm damage
Using bucket truck to remove the damaged tree
On this tree, we saved the larger pieces for firewood. In other cases we might chip it for mulch.
Stump grinding
Leveling the site.
Grass seed has been put down on the removal site and we're finishing clean-up.
Norway Maple damaged by a storm.
Damage done by the maple.
Damage done by old and decayed tree.
These are some examples of our latest work.
Storm damage from the "Hallow'een Screamer" which hit the Northeast on October 31, 2011, leaving behind millions of dollars in property damage and thousands of residents without power for over a week. 
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This tree was badly decayed with one of its trunks already broken. It could not be saved.
Start of the removal process. The location of the tree allowed us to back the truck up close to it, not something we can do with all trees.
Branches are chipped during the removal process.
Now we begin to take down the main trunks in sections.
The trunk of this tree was more than 5 feet in diameter.
Sometimes we cut the wood for firewood; other times we chip it for mulch.
In this case, the customer didn't want the firewood and we hauled it away. Nothing is wasted.
This was the first pass with the stump cutter. The stumps are taken down below grade until there's nothing left. The client can then plant a new tree on site, if they wish.
The wood chips from the stump are removed and the site is re-graded and seeded.
This is the finished job. All the client has to do is wait for the new grass to grow.
Take-down of a large tree
This old Norway Maple had extensive decay. 
Part of the tree had already failed and destroyed a car. The tree needed to be removed.